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This turned out to be more of a training lesson in Security. ServerBuddies could have done it by theirself but was nice enough to chat me through it so I could understand exactly what was involved. They knew all the answers to my questions and were patient with me while I tried to finally get it. If you are looking for an excellent provider, you canít go wrong with ServerBuddies. Thanks!
AidMedia Solutions.
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Hour of Server Support

Need a one time job? Please, feel free to contact us for an estimate.
Most projects can easily be completed within an hour, however some may take a bit longer.
This Hour of Server Support plan includes any custom server solution you would like us to install or troubleshoot.

For Example, an Hour of Support can be used for:
  • MySQL Server Replication Setup
  • cPanel DNS Server Clustering
  • Apache Failover Solution
  • Server Troubleshooting
  • Varnish Installation
  • Red5 Installation, OpenMeetings Installation
  • Kernel Upgrade
  • 3th Party Scripts Installation, Service Installation and Configuration
  • OS Restore
  • OpenSSL Recompilation
  • PCI Compliance Setup
  • DNS Round Robin Configuration
  • Nginx, Lighttpd Installation
  • SSL Certificate Setup
  • Apache Version Update
  • PHP Version Update
  • MySQL Version Update
  • ClamAV Installation and Setup
  • Server Load Balancer Configuration
  • Apache Clustering Configuration
  • Find and Clean Spam issues on Server
  • Exim Load Balancing IP
  • Mail Server Installation and Configuration
  • Video Sharing Site Requirements Configuration (ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, Mencoder, Mplayer, Lame3, etc)
  • Many More..!
We support and troubleshoot the following server control panels:
  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin
  • Webmin
  • Ensim
If you have any questions regarding the Hour of Server Support package, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team.
 $35 per hour
server maintenance by the hour
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