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A week ago I hired to install for me the required and very specific video and audio codecs needed for my website to run properly. They did not only install the required codecs, but they found that I need more requirements installed. After my confirmation, they installed the additional requirements for free. They always give me a nice and professional answer to my emails and they did the job very fast, very accurate and very professional. They provide all the information on where/how to find all the stuff I needed. Thank you ServerBuddies for the GREAT and professional service , I'm very amazed how fast and professional was everything done !
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Server Management

We specialize in server management at a very reasonable cost. Maximizing the productivity of your server systems by keeping them monitored 24/7 on line without worrying of rebooting them if they are crashed or down. Our server management team will keep your server safe and up to date with the latest security patches/updates. Any security risk released will be patched instantly by our Server Security Management Advisers. Server management Support Staff is available 24/7 over a help desk and live chat to answer any question you may have, install any application, or troubleshoot future server management issues.

If you purchase the ServerBuddies Server Management plan your server will be fully managed and monitored round the clock. Once you place the order for our server management package, our highly trained group of System Administrators will monitor its performance and maintain your server 24×7 to ensure that it is always on line and running without any issues.
The server management includes installation and maintenance of a standard software package, services monitoring, server backups and customer support by Help Desk or email.
Every ServerBuddies Server Management plan includes Apache, MySQL, Mail and DNS server configuration.

Regular updates are also performed on the server in order to make sure you are always running a tight configuration free of spammers and hackers.

Server Management

Server Tweaking

We provide Server Tweaking & Optimization to successfully increase how your server responds to your customers.
We optimize & Tweak your server settings in order to speed up the server performance.
Optimization Tweaking Services boosts up your server performance to the maximum.
Optimize your server by improving how your kernel interacts with your hardware server, decrease the time responses between the kernel and the server hardware.

Is your server under heavy overload? Are you experiencing slow time responses? Did you just buy a expensive server and you feel like its not performing as it should?
Adding new server hardware is often not the best choice, here where ServerBuddies comes in! Our ServerBuddies Server Tweaking & Optimization plan is the right choice for this cases. There are many things to consider when optimizing a server. The most important one is to know the best performance you server hardware can give. We analyze everything in your server environment including RAM, CPU Proc, Hard Disks, Swap memory, Network, Kernel Version and Linux OS.
Our ServerBudies Server Tweaking & Optimization plan can really boost up your server performance so you will not feel bad experiences anymore.

 $50/one time
Server Tweaking

Full Server Security Audit

Server Security & hardening consists of creating a baseline for the security on your servers in your organization. The default configurations are not designed with security as the primary focus. Rather, a default installed server is designed for communication and functionality. To protect your servers, you must establish solid and sophisticated security & hardening policies for all types of servers in your organization. With todays dilema of identity theft and security breaches, if your server is not secured properly your company can lose a lot of money for this.

We provide a Full Server Security & Hardening Audit in order to investigate and track for possible intruders and spammers. Once we have checked your system is clean, we will proceed to issue a server hardening increasing your server security to prevent intruders from access your server by exploiting common vulnerabilities or injecting malicious code (iframes, exploits).

 $80/one time
Full Security Audit

Hour of Server Support

Need a one time job? Please, feel free to contact us for an estimated quote.
Most projects can easily be completed within an hour, however some may take a bit longer.
This Hour of Server Support plan includes any custom server solution you would like us to install or troubleshoot.

Hour of Support

Initial Server Setup

You just bought a new server and you dont know where to start? You feel you are lacking of knowledge on how to properly setup your server. This Initial Server Setup plan fits when a new server has been recently connected to the internet and the OS and the control panel has been recently installed. Its obviously that when you buy a fresh server you need to know where to start, this is your point of start plan.

$60/one time
Initial Server Setup

Mail Server Optimization

We provide Mail Server Optimizations for persons who own a dedicated mail server, for mail propouses (newsletter, mailing list promotions, mail hosting, etc)
Most of times, a default mail server configuration takes more server load than it should when they are not configured correctly, due this you will end up having your mails stuck on the queue rather than sending the mails properly.
There is 0 chance your mail server will survive without having an RBL setup nor an anti spam solution. This plans fits when you feel your server is not sending/receiving properly.

$75/one time
Mail Server Optimization

Server Migration

Not having a clue how to move your server data between a old and a new server? Neither to move at least just one small site? A Server Migration is a very delicate task that needs to be done by professionals to avoid any data lose or site downtimes. This plan is the best choice when you are thinking to upgrade your server and you feel this server does not fit your needs anymore and you need to move from servers, or when your server crashed and its imposible to boot the OS anymore. ServerBuddies Migration plan covers from a single site migration up to a wide server server migration including system settings and all. This plan covers all the data moving and site nor server restore. The Site Migration includes all data moving from your desired domain, including web data, databases, mail and ftp accounts.
$150 Server Migration
Server Migration
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