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Our server had some hack attempts which serverbuddies had notified us and then blocked the intruders so the attacks stopped immediately. I couldnt think of what would happen if someone was able to hack in, we owe our business to serverbuddies and staff!
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Mozilla Tells SSL Certificate Authorities to Shape Up

Mozilla Tells SSL Certificate Authorities to Shape Up

SSL Certificate Authorities (CA), hold an important role for ensuring the trust model of modern Internet security. This year, at least twice already that trust may have been misplaced. Both the Comodo and, more recently, the DigiNotar CAs have been compromised, leaving millions of users at risk.

Browser vendor Mozilla is now saying that enough is enough and is giving the CAs a one week deadline to prove they are secure.

"Each audit must check for mis-issuance of certificates, especially high-value domains as well as the network infrastructure, monitoring, passwords, etc.," Kathleen Wilson, module owner of Mozilla's CA Certificates Module explained to

Mozilla also has told the CAs they must implement multi-factor authentication or provide a date by which they expect to have this implemented. Having multi-factor authentication for accounts provides a secondary layer of defence against attacks. In the recent exploit of DigiNotar, a security audit found that the CA did not have strong passwords protecting their accounts. With multi-factor authentication the risk of a single weak password is minimized.

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