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Serverbuddies took care of the migration of my domains from a VPS to a dedicated server. Without their help, I never would have been able to make this transition. They continue to maintain our server today. I sleep better at night knowing that professionals are taking care this aspect of our business.
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta

Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beta 2 has been refreshed as of July 21, 2010. This is an update to the last Beta that was made available in June, 2010.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 blurs the lines between virtual, physical, and cloud computing to address shifts taking place in the modern IT environment.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is available on the following architectures:

    * i386
    * AMD64/Intel64
    * System z
    * IBM Power (64-bit)

This Beta is available at:

This build has been separated into Server and Workstation related directories as follows:

  * 6Server-beta2  This directory includes Server related content for all supported  architectures.
  * 6Workstation-beta2  This directory includes Workstation/Client related content for all supported architectures.

A primary feature of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is that it is designed to provide the scalability to handle systems well into the future. Capabilities range from optimized support for large CPU counts and memory configurations to the ability to handle an increased number of system-interconnect buses and peripherals.

The new SELinux sandbox feature allows execution of untrusted content in  an isolated environment designed not to impact the rest of the system.

Fine-grained control, allocation and management of hardware resources is  available with the help of a new framework called Control Groups or cgroups. cgroups work at the process group level and can be used to manage resources ranging from CPU, memory, network and disk I/O for applications.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 builds on the integrated KVM-based virtualization provided by earlier Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

Support for network block storage via FCoE and iSCSI protocols make it  possible to perform online re-size of mirrored and multipath volumes.

This release includes the ext4 file system. As the next generation of  the extended filesystem family, it includes support for larger file sizes, more efficient allocation of disk space, better file system checking and more robust journaling using LVM/DM.

The GCC compiler has been updated to version 4.4, and many more features, visit for more info.
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